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Qsoils Pty Ltd is an owner operated business with over 25 years experience in the geotechnical industry.

We provide specialist geotechnical drilling services with a strong focus on achieving maximum sample recovery and sample integrity in difficult ground conditions to enable correct engineering design, to budget, FIRST TIME.

Our equipment, safety and quality systems are maintained to high industry standards, with staff holding Certificates 2 and 3 in Drilling, S11 inductions, drillers licence and other relevant industry training accreditations.

Contact Kym Howard on 0428 776 457 to discuss geotechnical investigation requirements.

I have worked with or engaged QSoils for some 10 years. QSoils brings a high standard of professionalism, safety, experience and competency to any site and its associated drilling program.

I have worked with QSoils across a variety of projects, utilising their wide range of drilling capabilities including:

  • Soil drilling techniques and sampling;
  • Rock coring both NMLC /HMLC;
  • Air hammer;
  • Geotechnical instrumentation installation; and
  • Specialised subsurface ground testing – pressuremeter, and hydrogeological testing.

They are proactive in implementing a safe work environment, and ensuring that field geologists/engineers are inducted and aware of the precautions and hazards associated with the drill rigs and sites, often aiding the geologists/engineers undertake and complete hazard assessments.

I would and have recommended QSoils to anyone undertaking a project involving drilling works.

- Richard Philpott
Senior Engineering Geologist – Project Manager Alpha Coal Project
4D Geotechnics Pty Ltd